Is Your Contracting Business Passing the Eye Test?

I have built several of my contracting businesses by simply doing one thing… making our sales materials, our men in the field, our logo and brand, and everything that came in contact with a customer… look like a million bucks!


Guys and Girls,

there is just no way that a homeowner is going to spend to $5k, $7k, $15k, $20,000 on construction-related work with not feeling 100 percent comfortable that the company that they’re dealing with is established, reputable, has money behind it, and it’s going to be there for many years after their work is done.  

If you have any thoughts that your business is losing out on the big time work…then watch this video and learn how football and contracting both use the eye test.


OK, OK, Huddle up…Here is the next Play to run… 

“If your business looks amateur in even the slightest of ways, you are not passing the EYE test.  
This simple tip can help you win some large ones you never knew you were losing!”

Until the next job…keep #buildinggreatness


Les O'HaraThe Contractor Coach

Les helps contractors flat out grow their construction businesses in all facets of the game.  
He is an expert at helping these special type of biz owners not run out of money, enjoy the day to day, and even sell their businesses for top dollar.

If you're interested in getting your books up to snuff, finding well paying jobs, or scaling up and growing to the next level, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.



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